Monday, 3 August 2015

Harem Style Tracksuit Pant for Toddlers - FREE PDF PATTERN SIZES 1-3

Whoa its been cold here in Melbourne! It's definitely trackie season for all!

While I love the colours and prints each season for babies and toddlers, these are also very simple to make yourself.
You can use a brushed track-suiting fabric which is easy to get at any fabric store, or any thicker knit you like.
I used a fabric I had bought a few months ago at Spotlight. I would suggest to pre wash you fabric and dry as you normally would dry a finished garment to pre shrink it. There's nothing worse than spending time making a beautiful garment only to have it shrink after the first wash making it unwearable.

Seed Heritage Ducky Pant

Country Road Stripe Harem Pant

The fabric estimates are as follows. Knit fabrics usually come in 150cm widths, so to make these in a size 1 you'll need approx. 50cm. My fabric was not as wide and I think it shrank is width as well. The usable width was 138cm, but I managed to get 2 pairs of pants out of that.

1. Arrange all the pieces with the right sides facing together and overlock side seams and inside leg seam. I also overlocked the edges as this fabric was curling in and driving me crazy!

2. Cut the elastic and stitch closed into a loop. I suggest just measuring a pair of pants your child fits well. For Emmy, I cut the elastic at 46cm.

3. Mark and pin the elastic at quarters to the waistband. At the Centre back seam, side seams and Centre Front.
You can alternatively stitch the waistband into a tunnel, leaving a space to thread the elastic through and then stitch close the elastic several a few times.

Once the elastic in encased in the waistband, I like to stretch it a few times to even out the amount of fabric gathered and stitch through the centre of the elastic all around while stretching.
This keeps the elastic from rolling and folding within the waistband.

4. Pin the waistband to the pant at centre back, front and side seams. The back of the pant curves up.
Plain stitch the waistband onto the pant while stretching, do this on a large stitch setting, that way if you swerve a bit either way its easy to unpick. To prevent sliding around or breaking the needle, don't overstretch. You can stretch it a bit more while overlocking to make sure the seam is nice and elastic. You'll probably crack the plain stitching, but that that doesn't matter as the overlocking will keep the seam strong.

5. Overlock and turn up the hem. I just did a plain stitched hem as these are roomy enough around the hem that they don't require a stretchy hem.

Finished Pant

Click below to download your free PDF Pattern - sizes 1-3

You might like to download the TEST PAGE to test the size settings on your printer.
Simply print and measure the 1 inch square to make sure you'll get an accurate pattern.


The finished measurements are:

The hem circumference is 18cm, the waist measurement is up to you. For Emmy, the finished waist measures 44cm on the size 1. 

I'd love to read any comments, feedback or questions


  1. How do I download the pattern please

    1. A PDF should open when you click the pattern piece you require.
      I would suggest you print the TEST PAGE first to check that your it will print to scale

  2. Сегодня сошью!! Спасибо

  3. Could you please tell me Size 1, for what age?

  4. Bonjour , je vous remercie beaucoup grâce à vous j ai enfin trouvé ce qu il fallait coudre pour ma 1ère petite fille .😍😍☺☺

  5. Bonjour , je vous remercie beaucoup grâce à vous j ai enfin trouvé ce qu il fallait coudre pour ma 1ère petite fille .😍😍☺☺

  6. 1 is for 1month or 1 year ? Thank's